Need to clarify, package, describe and sell your services to create clients and a steady income?

You're in the right place.

It's time to get clarity, start taking action and getting traction.

Melanie White


I teach coaches (and clients) the action-oriented process to develop more confidence, skills and structure,

for a more authentic,

fulfilling business and life.


Hi there,


If you're anything like me, you love helping people.


But if you're struggling to describe what you do, to talk about the value of what you offer or to close over 80% of your sales conversations, you need help.


SPOILER ALERT - getting clarity will help you to finally take action and get traction! 


Without clarity, you start feeling overwhelmed or start doubting yourself.


You start thinking you lack the skills and knowledge to get it right.


You feel scattered and like you need a structure to work within.


And while some of this may be true, what I know is this.


You have amazing strengths, skills and talents and you need to bring your greatness into the world.


That's what I can help you with. I can help you to clarify, package, describe and sell your services so you can bring your greatness to the world and help many more people.


My goal for 2020 is to help 1000 business owners to each help 1000 clients to transform their health, wellbeing and lives.


If this is your mission too, it's time to let go of your fears and jumbled ideas so you can make the difference you were meant for.


I work with a few private clients (hit the contact me page) and I also run a coaching membership that teaches six core skills of creating a successful and fulfilling business and life - listed below.


If you master these skills, you'll be able to define what success means to you and achieve it in your way, on your terms.


I look forward to seeing you soon!


Melanie White

Business Coach and Strategist



Master these skills to create success and fulfillment in business and life.

1. Planning

The antidote to overwhelm and procrastination is effective planning. Plans create focus, clarity and action in the right direction.


When you know how to plan properly, you'll get more done in less time and with better results. The world's most successful people are diligent planners. 


2. Proactivity

When you are proactive instead of reactive, you can foresee and avoid problems before they come up, and maintain a course of smooth sailing.


When you learn how to be proactive, you create focus, confidence and better results more easily. Being proactive creates massive gains in business and life.

3. Persistence

When you have commitment and persistence, you can squash any fear and doubt, stay on course and keep going until you get the result you want. 


When you learn how to back yourself and persist - to stick to well-thought plans no matter what - you will achieve your goals. This is fundamental to success.

4. Progress Monitoring

They say that what gets measured is improved and gets done.


When you learn what to measure and then do it regularly, you'll feel more in control and recognise success. You'll know exactly where things are heading. 

5. Positivity

When you're unclear, uncertain or struggling, negative thought can block your progress. Professor Barbara Fredrickson says it takes at 3 - 5 positive feelings to overcome one negative feeling


When you learn how to create a positivity and motivation, you will feel primed and empowered to take action and keep going.

6. Promotion

Promotion starts from the moment you wake up. It's what you say to yourself, how you show up in the world and how effectively you connect with others.


When you learn how to be comfortable to show up in an authentic way, you will build self-confidence, new relationships and will get new clients more easily.

This is how you up-level your thinking and back yourself.

Then you can focus on the meaningful & fulfilling work you're meant to be doing.

Habitology Shows You How 

Habitology is a monthly membership that includes self-coaching, live coaching and education.


This three-pronged approach coaches you to plan effectively, take action and get traction, addressing all your "I don't knows' other mindset blocks, along the way.


You'll develop the skills, structure and strategies to get more out of your business and life.


What's Included

  • Get Support and Accountability

    • Join any or all of the 8 - 10 live Zoom group coaching sessions each month on business, planning and habits.
      • Get your business questions answered so you can keep moving forward.
      • Create and implement foolproof plans for success in all areas, and be held accountable.
      • Stay motivated and committed to the habits of success.
    • Access an experienced coach who has succeeded in coaching, business & self-mastery.
    • Cultivate the 6 core skills of a successful business and life (above)
  •                    Learn How to Coach Yourself

    • Self-coaching is the mainstay of mental fitness, resilience, clarity and motivation
    • Each month's workbook teaches you how to build a positive, strong and resilient mindset.
    • We will study a different mindset topic each month, and you will actively develop skills in that area.
    • Coach yourself out of overwhelm, procrastination, fear and negative thoughts.
    • Cultivate the 6 core skills of a successful business and life (above)
    • Develop a growth mindset to set and achieve all your personal and business goals.
  • Up-skill and Become Your Future Self

    • Use the educational resources to build the 6 core skills of positivity, planning, persistence, pro-activity, performance monitoring and promotion, so that you can;
      • Achieve all your goals and create the success you want.
      • Create more wealth (financial, well-being, abundance)
      • Quickly and easily solve problems, create plans, squash overwhelm and get unstuck.
      • Undergo personal & professional growth for greater satisfaction, fulfillment and success in business and life. 

Get Support from AUD $79.00*​ per month

You get a full 14-day refund guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase!

You will receive an email with the access link immediately upon ordering.

I'm here to support you on the challenging and exciting journey of becoming the person you want to be. 


If you have any questions, just get in touch.


For now, I look forward to to seeing you in the membership!


Warm wishes,

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