Do you need a clear business strategy and structures so you can get traction and have an impact in the world?

I’m Melanie White, Business Strategist and Growth Catalyst.

I help health and wellness professionals to do business their way, by helping them leverage their strengths and set up a rinse-and-repeat, scalable processes to create a purposeful, profitable, impactful and client-centric business.

Forget the overwhelm and confusion! After 25+ years in business and two successful startup companies that became 6- and 7-figure ventures, I am here to help you make a difference in the most direct way possible.

Through working with me, you will master your mind and your energy, and free up the time and headspace you need to get set up, organised and create a consistent income with ease - no matter what your starting point.

Through her business training program Passion to Profit, personal coaching and popular podcast, Melanie educates, coaches and inspires thousands of people each year to take action and get traction in their businesses.



Melanie’s focus on the realistic big picture, practical processes and a good dose of self-awareness help you to do business and marketing your way. She takes a no-nonsense, practical approach to building your business and helps you to bypass any overwhelm and self-doubt that crops up so you can keep taking action and getting traction. You’ll create tangible results in your business, for your clients and have an incredible impact in the world.


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